Zoning does not regulate agriculture or aesthetics, however, everything else is subject to the permitting and approval process as is detailed in the current zoning resolution.

Please contact Todd Bickley Zoning Inspector at (419) 341-2728 prior to beginning any project. All Zoning applications, requests and questions about permits needed may be made through the Inspector at P.O. Box 447, Put-in-Bay, Ohio, 43456.

The Township Trustees appoint the Zoning Inspector and a total of ten citizens to serve on the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. Each board has five members with two alternates. Each member of the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals serves a five-year term.

The Zoning Commission hears requests for zoning resolution text amendments and rezoning of property. The Commission board includes; Chairman, Marsha Parker, Dave Washtock, Joe Shull, John Fisher and Robert Smith. Correspondence to the Commission or Members may be made through the Assistant Inspector/Secretary Laurie Miller at P.O. Box 447, by phone 419-341-4785, or by email.

The Board of Zoning Appeals reviews requests for variances, conditional uses and denials of permits or disputed actions of the Zoning Inspector. The Appeals board includes; Chairman, Greg Auger, Eric Booker, MaryAnn McCann, Sharon Weisenbach, Cliff Fulton and Alternate Dave Nostrant. Correspondence to the Board or Members may be made through the Assistant Inspector/Secretary Laurie Miller at P.O. Box 447 or 419-341-4785.

A copy of the Township zoning resolution may be purchased from the Zoning Inspector for a nominal fee or it may be viewed on this web site by clicking on Zoning Resolution and Table of Contents.


Downloadable Applications and Forms for Zoning

Zoning Resolution
and Table of Contents

Zoning Certificate Application and Zoning Fee Schedule

Zoning Change Application

Request for Proof of Zoning for New Construction

Finding of Fact forms with instructions and fee schedule:
Area Variance - An area variance is a departure from the provisions of the zoning resolution usually relating to setbacks, side yards, height, frontage/lot width, and lot size. These variances relate to the physical characteristics of the property. Strict enforcement of the zoning requirements for the specific lot would present "practical difficulties", basically making the property unusable.

Conditional Use - A conditional use is a use authorized in a particular zoning district upon showing that such use in a specified location will comply with all of the conditions and standards for the location or operation of the use as specified in Section 9 and Section 13 of the Put-in-Bay Zoning Resolution and as authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Use Variance - A use variance involves the development or conversion of land for a use not permitted in the specific zoning district. The factors or standards applied to a use variance are those related to the concept of "unnecessary hardship". A use variance must not be contrary to the public interest and the board of zoning appeals must insure that the spirit of the zoning resolution is observed. In other words, the use requested is consistent and harmonious to the existing uses.

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